Five Ways To Attract Your Ideal Client In 2022

Krystel Stacey, Founder & Creative Director of Voila Strategies

In 2022, it’s hard to stand out in a sea of social media marketing and constant content sharing. With over a decade of experience in business, strategic marketing and creative directing, I’ve learned that most companies are lacking when it comes to securing their ideal client. I see brands chasing instead of attracting. Here are some of the top mistakes I see.

• Disregarding Aesthetics: If you have an amazing product, invest in quality content to show it off.

• Missing A Storyline: Tell a cohesive and easy-to-follow story that connects the “why” to the “buy.”

• Being Untouchable: Make your brand relatable. It’s okay to share a laugh with your client.

• Using Social Media Wrong: Bring the sociability back to social media. That’s what it’s there for!

At Voilà Strategies, we help our clients avoid these mistakes by curating a unique strategy based on attraction marketing. We focus on the three S’s: style, story and social. Our team creates visuals that stand out, offer value and create engagement. By painting a specially designed visual of the brand’s potential, then executing that vision, we’ve been able to make our clients stand out from the crowd.

If you’ve caught your business making any of the four mistakes I listed above, now is the perfect time to rebrand your online presence and ensure a successful 2022. Here are what I consider the top five ways to attract your ideal client in the new year.

1. Visual Strategy

In our day and age, most first impressions happen online. Reevaluate how a new client would view your social media presence and website. Is there a visually pleasing aesthetic? Is there a clear call to action? If the client has to do some digging around online to see what your company is all about, it’s likely to drive them away.

Consider implementing an online content strategy that creates a visually cohesive theme and circles back to your main mission. Create a style guide that has a company mood board, color palette and vision board to keep all aspects of the business connected.

2. Think Micro

Contrary to popular belief, big followings are not always better. Consumers are catching on to paid advertisements of beloved big-name celebrities and it’s driving them away. One way to fight that is to network with micro-influencers.

As HubSpot notes, “having a smaller audience allows micro-influencers to bond with the people who follow them more regularly.” These micro-influencers have far more impact on their followers’ buying behaviors than huge celebrities, despite having a fraction of the followers. This allows businesses to roll out low-cost niche marketing campaigns that have a high return on investment.

3. Be Relatable

These days, brands are expected to know what’s happening online. It’s important to have a marketing team that’s always ahead of the curve.

If there is a social media trend surfacing that specifically applies to your business, hop on that trend. Even if it shows a goofier side of your business, this relatability will take you far, as many consumers want to feel a genuine connection to your company. By staying consistent and relevant online, your business can form organic, casual relationships to build customer connections that develop brand loyalty.

4. Showcase The Value

Consumers need to see and understand the purpose and quality of your product before making a purchase. Help customers get to this next level of understanding by curating professional and aesthetically pleasing content that informs new clients of your company’s purpose without pushing a sales goal. Raise their confidence in your brand without forcing a pitch. Let the consumer decide for themselves that they need your product; essentially, make it irresistible.

5. Utilize Reels And TikTok

The curated “For You” page on TikTok and the Explore page on Instagram are untapped gold mines for brand awareness. It’s no secret that businesses that fail to take advantage of these free marketing opportunities are likely to fall behind their competitors.

These visually appealing, short videos can be uploaded to both Instagram Reels and TikTok and have the potential to blow up your business overnight. Specifically catered to younger generations that have a knack for quick content, I find this is the perfect way to spread brand awareness and draw in new audiences.

Ready To Rebrand Your Online Presence? 

Before you can take your brand to this level of attraction marketing, ensure that you have a well-defined persona for your ideal client. The deeper you dive into research on your niche market, the more accurate and attainable your results will become. It’s imperative to read the cues of your consumer’s needs and wants. For example, consider utilizing the new reels feature on Facebook instead of Instagram if your audience’s age range is older.

There is always going to be an untapped feature or overlooked option when it comes to each ever-evolving platform used in social media marketing. Be on the lookout for new updates and changes that could take your brand to the next level and bring customers to your landing page. Now is the time to rebrand your online presence and uncover the story that your clients are dying to hear. What are you waiting for?

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