Another heatwave in South California was forecast to shift temperatures to three digits and to record highs in the high desert and inland valleys of this region.

For parts of the state that began Friday at 12 noon and will extend through Monday night, the National Weather Service issued an excessive heat warning.

For much of the inland portions of the state, forecasters are forecasting dangerous three-digit highs and warm overnight lows.

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Extreme heat strains the California power infrastructure and, during a Flex Alert on Friday and Saturday, the organization operating most electric grids in the state has demanded that consumers retain their electricity from 4 to 9 p.m.

Flex alerts call on consumers to conserve energy voluntarily when power demand can be higher than supply, which is usually the case during heatwaves when electricity consumption is high.

In case demand is still beyond supply after the Flex Alarm is in effect, according to the California Independent System Operator the ISO can order government services to cut demand by implementing relatively short-term rotating power outages to extend the electricity available to as much as possible.

The extreme heat conditions have remained since last month which was considered to be the highest in California as well as in the rest of the United States by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in June.

According to the U.S. Drought Monitor report on June 29, just over 47% of the adjoining U.S. was a drought — up from over 44% at the beginning of June.

The NOAA calculates the losses of over 1 trillion dollars due to drought and the heatwave hammering the American West.

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