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Eight Tips For Getting Great Transcripts

President of GMR Transcription Services, Inc., which provides highly accurate transcription and translation solutions.

The Wall Street Journal reported that 73% of virtual meetings consist of two to four people. This indicates that people are increasingly favoring smaller meetings. According to Attentiv, the average duration of a meeting is between 31 minutes and 60 minutes. However, despite the meetings being shorter and consisting of smaller groups, speaking and taking notes simultaneously during the meeting is not always possible.

Additionally, it’s impossible to remember every important detail discussed in a meeting. This is where meeting transcription can help. You can keep the audio/video meeting transcription as a record for future reference and use it for further analysis and discussion after the meeting.

However, before collaborating with your transcription provider to get accurate and quality meeting transcription services, here are a few best practices to follow.

1. Keep an effective meeting recording device.

Your recording device must be effective enough to capture each and every word during the meeting. You can use your phone, a relevant recording app or a digital recorder to record the meeting. The selection depends on your budget and your desired recording quality.

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2. Choose a quality transcription services provider that has the right tools.

Based on your budget, choose a suitable meeting transcription services provider. It must be a professional with experience in such transcription services. It is better to check their testimonials or previous case studies to ensure you have selected the best one.

Ensure they have the necessary equipment to listen to the recording and write the transcript. A proper pair of noise-canceling headphones are mandatory. Having high-quality voice recognition software can also add to the ease of a streamlined transcription.

You can get video software to make video transcription an easier process. Hardware, such as foot pedals, let you have control over the audio files to deliver a quality audio transcription.

3. Sign an agreement with your meeting transcription services provider.

Before using any professional services, it’s important to sign an agreement that clearly states your requirements and the partner’s services to be provided. To ensure the meeting transcription services provider understands your project goals, list your needs in detail.

Also, list any specific expectations you have from your video transcription provider. Some specificities may relate to data confidentiality, transcript document requirements, timelines and budget. It is important to also understand their data privacy policies before sharing meeting recordings with them.

4. Share your meeting transcription services requirements clearly and comprehensively.

Before heading into the actual work, the transcriptionist must accurately understand your requirements pertaining to formatting, document type, text style and font, time formatting, margins, headings, file names, etc. Before starting the video/audio transcription process, you must clarify these points to reduce any chances of confusion later on.

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Also, help the transcriptionist with answers whenever they have questions regarding recording or anything else. Establishing details beforehand is better than reworking the transcript or preparing the document again.

5. Provide a list of meeting participants to the transcriptionist.

You must provide a list of meeting participants to the transcriptionist, specifically the speakers. The transcriptionist should have the speakers’ names and titles to identify who is saying what. You can skip this part if you are interested in knowing only the discussion points and not the identity of the speakers.

However, if you are looking for details on which speaker said which point, the list of speakers is necessary. In such cases, the transcriptionist needs to identify each speaker’s voice correctly. The correct identification helps while transcribing crosstalk when there is an overlap of speech of two or more speakers.

6. Instruct the transcriptionist about your requirements for verbatim or non-verbatim transcripts.

You must instruct the transcriptionist whether you need full verbatim transcripts or if non-verbatim is enough. The transcriptionist will include all the stutters, sounds, fillers, slangs, repetitions and speech errors if you need full verbatim.

If you want clean text that is easier to read, you should ask for a non-verbatim transcript. The non-verbatim transcript will not include stutters, false starts, sounds, slangs, fillers, expressions, etc. It can be used better by the reader for analyzing and drawing conclusions.

7. Share the list of industry terms, company phrases or acronyms for ease of understanding.

It’s important to provide your transcription services provider with the general terms in the industry of your operations. Also, add a list of jargon used in your company to make it easier for the transcriptionist to understand. They must also have the transcript-specific list of acronyms and their full forms to quickly comprehend what the speakers are saying.

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8. Proofread and edit the transcripts.

Transcriptionists use multiple transcription methods to generate the best recording transcript. However, you need to ensure that the transcriptionist’s team proofreads and edits it before receiving the final file. It ensures that the transcript is accurate and complete and does not include anything that was not discussed in the meeting.

It also ensures that the transcript is as per your desired format. Proofreading is essential because the transcript can be shared with senior management and used to generate more insights and make decisions.


These steps can help you get high-quality transcripts from your provider. Complete, accurate and high-quality transcripts can help you analyze the meeting discussion and gain useful insights from them.You can refer to them later, and they can save you the effort of going through the entire video recording of a meeting in case you need any specific data from it. When executed correctly, meeting transcriptions can offer a fast, reliable and easy way to retrieve information from an audio or video recording.

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