Developers can now use Custom Product Pages with Apple Search Ads

Apple Search Ads are starting to get better.

Today, the company revealed that Apple Search Ads would now support Custom Product Pages on the App Store. In an announcement on the Apple Developer website, the company said that developers can now create “tailored ad variations” with Apple Search Ads using up to thirty-five custom product pages on the App Store.

With custom product pages, you can create up to 35 additional versions of your App Store product page to showcase different app features, content, or promotions. And now, new seamless integration with Apple Search Ads lets you easily use these pages to create tailored ad variations on the App Store.

Custom Product pages allow developers to create up to thirty-five versions of their product page on the App Store to A, B, C, D and etc. test out which one is best for performance.

You can create additional versions of your App Store product page on iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 or later to showcase different features or content within your app — such as a particular sport, character, show, or gameplay feature — and share them with different audiences through unique URLs. You can also use these pages to showcase seasonal or culturally relevant content. Each custom product page can include screenshots, promotional text, and app previews that are different from those on your default product page.

Apple Search Ads help potential customers find your app across different areas in the App Store.

Developers who want to figure out how to use the new features can learn about Custom Product Pages and Apple Search Ads on the Apple Developer website.

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