Dashkit creates custom, personal dashboards on your iPad

Dashkit is a new iPad app that lets people create custom and personal dashboards for displaying on their iPad or the big screen via AirPlay.

Available for pre-order in the App Store now and set to become available for download on March 1s, Dashkit lets people create dashboards that display everything from the date and time to Twitter timelines, photos, reminders, and more. You can even track the state of your Gmail inbox, too.

As a free download, the following panels are available for people to make their own dashboards out of. Mixing and matching the ones that offer the information required will create the ultimate in glanceable views.

  • Date & Time → Display the current date and a digital / analog clock.
  • Upcoming Events → Display events from your device calendars.
  • Date Countdown → Keep track of all your most important dates.
  • Reminders → See your most important to-dos.
  • Photos → Display a single photo, from your iPad or iCloud library.
  • RSS Feeds → Headlines from your favorite websites.
  • Web Panel → Display any content from the web.
  • Charts → Line or bar charts from CSV files, Google Spreadsheets or JSON data.
  • Now Playing → Show what song is currently playing (powered by Shazam).
  • QR Code → Show a QR code with customizable content.
  • Twitter Timelines & Statistics → Latest tweets from your home timeline, lists or mentions. Up-to-date statistics for your account.

Those looking for more advanced options can pay for Dashkit Pro via monthly or annual subscription, unlocking features like Gmail statistics and a scriptable panel that supports Javascript.

Dashkit Pro includes:

  • Photo Albums → Display an animated photo slideshows, from your iPad or iCloud photo library.
  • Weather → Current temperature and forecast.
  • Gmail Inbox & Statistics → Latest inbox messages. Up-to-date statistics for your mailbox.
  • Appfigures Charts & Statistics → Downloads and sales metrics for all your published apps.
  • Scriptable Panel → Code simple custom panels using Javascript.

Keen to see what Dashkit has to offer? You can find it in the App Store now and place your pre-order. The app will automatically download once March 1st rolls around.

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