Clubhouse is soon expected to end the invite system. The company has announced via its official Twitter handle that the audio chat app has now reached over two million users and it will be made available for everyone starting this summer.

The Clubhouse app was launched globally on Android last month, and in just a few days of time, it garnered over one million installs. Currently, you need an invitation to join the app, which will change soon. This would make it easier for anyone without an invite to join the app as there are a lot of people who are not able to use the app because of not having an invitation.

Apart from dropping the invitation system, Clubhouse also has other plans. The company says that the upcoming updates will improve discovery on the app and the notifications system as the app will soon witness a surge in usage.

“Heading for general release sometime this summer! That means the next few updates will be about discovery, notifications, and less visible but very crucial improvements,” Clubhouse said in a tweet.

The upcoming update might also fix some of the issues experienced by Android users. A few user reports suggest some features are still not working for them. When the app was launched for Android users, several users were facing sign up issues as they were not getting the verification code.

The company later issued an update saying the sign-up issue has been fixed and the app is now working fine. The Clubhouse app was first made available for iOS users and then for Android.

The audio chat app rose to popularity when celebrities like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and others made an appearance on the app. Clubhouse garnered millions of users in its initial year, despite giving limited access. As a lot of people are interested in audio-based social apps, several social media platforms have been trying to develop their own version of Clubhouse.

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