While maintaining a regular flow of content is important to help boost your website performance, evergreen content can also play a key role in boosting your page rankings, and keeping your SEO process ticking along.

Evergreen posts are those that see ongoing visits over time, those pieces that keep driving traffic through the years, giving you a firmer base level for your ongoing optimization efforts. A few strong pillar posts, aligned with key topics in your industry, can help make your website the key go-to, maximizing both branding and discovery performance.

But how do you make great evergreen content? The team from BuzzSumo recently conducted an analysis of 3.65 billion posts to uncover key trends and notes to assist in your own creation efforts.

They’ve provided a full overview of their findings here, which is well worth a read, while the below infographic highlights some key pointers for your evergreen efforts.

BuzzSumo evergreen content infographic

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