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Burglars ram SUV into Oakland store in attempted ATM robbery

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An Oakland convenience store was left damaged after a reckless burglary attempt early Monday morning, officials confirmed.

Residents of the neighborhood surrounding the Quik Stop on Merritt and Brooklyn avenues told KTVU that they were awakened by the burglary, in which thieves deliberately crashed a black SUV into the store. The burglars moved the store’s ATM outside, then fled in a second vehicle after having difficulty removing the SUV from the building.

The Oakland Police Department told SFGATE that the burglary happened shortly before 4:30 a.m. Officers “observed evidence of a break into the business and damage to store displays” upon their arrival.

Neighbors told KTVU that the thieves were still at the scene when police arrived but officers did not pursue them.

“It appears that the responding officers determined they had no authorization to pursue the individual(s), per OPD policy,” OPD spokesperson Darryl Rodgers told SFGATE in an email.

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Rodgers said OPD policy mandates that officers only initiate vehicle pursuits if there is reasonable suspicion to believe the individual committed a violent forcible crime or a crime involving the use of a firearm, or if there is probable cause that the individual is in possession of a firearm.

Monday’s incident was the third time this particular Quik Stop was burglarized, the owner told KTVU, and each time the thieves targeted the store’s ATM. In September, OPD issued a public safety advisory warning residents of a recent uptick in individuals being robbed at ATMs.

OPD has responded to past incidents in which vehicles were used to gain access to a building to commit a burglary, Rodgers said. The investigation into Monday’s incident is ongoing, and anyone with information can contact the OPD Burglary Unit at 510-238-3951.

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