4 Clever Ways to Boost Your Social Media Presence

Boost Your Social Media Presence

Are you tired of social media and want no social media presence at all?

There are many reasons for wanting to have no social media presence:

  • You don’t have time for social media.
  • You don’t want to see everyone’s “perfect lives.”
  • You don’t want to read the negativity.
  • You don’t want to deal with the noise of the competition.
  • You don’t know what to believe due to misinformation on social media.

Hey, you could even get into trouble on social media and wind up in Facebook Jail.

However, are the drawbacks of social media worth giving up the advantages?

Having a solid social media presence can have many benefits.

You can easily find ways to monetize your user profile, meet new people, explore various career opportunities, and more.

Plus, such a social media presence also sub-communicates a good message about your brand to platforms such as search engines.

According to a new guide from the researchers at Celltrackingapps.com, there is no definite blueprint out there by social media platforms or technical experts to boost your social media presence.

So, we have prepared this guide on four clever ways to boost your social media presence.

These include specific techniques which guarantee positive results, and most of them are practical. You don’t need any technical skills to pull off these techniques but just informed decision-making.

By reading this post, you receive 5 reasons having no social media presence may seem like a good idea, 4 effects of having no social media presence, and a 4-part action plan to boost your social media presence.

After reading this post about the advantages of having a social media presence, see if you still believe having no social media presence is best.

What is Social Media Presence?

Refers to the frequency with which one posts content and the type of engagement they share with audiences on specific social media platforms.

We have an excellent metaphor to help you put things into perspective. It’s the same way as how a student attends class and is marked present by a teacher – such a student has a positive social media presence.

Similarly, just because someone is in class each day doesn’t mean they have a good presence. If they attend class but yawn or sleep the entire time, they would probably have a poor social media presence.

For social media accounts, posting high-quality content regularly means the individual has a good presence level.

Top Tips to Boost Your Social Media Presence

no social media presence

The guide below includes a few proven techniques to kickstart your journey to becoming an authority figure in social media.

1. Be Genuine and Original

This one is a stealer!

One of the best things you can do for your social media presence is to ensure your original and unique ideas. Have the freedom and confidence to go outside the box, but only after thorough research and sufficient improvisation.  Taking an informed approach helps ensure the information or content you share relates to the needs of your audience.

A good example would be to find ways to incorporate humor into content and speak to your audience as if they were a friend. Using such techniques helps personalize your brand and reduce the likelihood of flags or spamming from web users.

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You may also have to show your web visitors the human side of your brand to help make them relatable. Whether it’s photos or snapshots in the world, a personalized approach can be a great way to make a connection with your audience.

2. Develop Connections – Avoid Focusing on Followers Only

There is no denying the number of followers on your page can positively impact your profile. However, their presence will be useless if they don’t connect to your brand or the type of content you post.

However, 200 followers who find your content helpful are way better than over 20,000 people oblivious to your posts. So, remember the importance of the” social” aspect of your social media campaign. The beauty of leveraging such an approach will have a snowball effect, whereby your followers will grow naturally.

Social media bots will receive positive signals from your posts. Thus, your content will experience an improved number of impressions and new members. If you are new to relationship building on your social media page, consider the following suggestions:

Use the @ when you mention people in your posts. Social media tagging alerts people who are mentioned in your content which increases the chance that they may share, extend your reach, and grow your brand.

Ensure you reply to everyone who mentions your brand in posts.

Avoid doing things like simply retweets, reply with comments to start chats.

3. Sign Up for A Social Media Tool

If you are responsible for managing the social media page of your brand or business, you often have to explain various things. Usually, it’s because the ability of your brand to build a following and get more customers relates to your ability to address issues based on data.

For instance, the specific social media platform requires most of your attention, time, and resources. Plus, you also need information on the top-performing content on your pages. Clients or bosses are likely to seek helpful information on how expenditure for social media campaigns has performed so far.

A few standard tools to use for social media analysis include:

  • Snap Analytics
  • Buzzsumo
  • Sprout Social
  • Google Analytics

4. Set Specific Goals

Like taking on any other venture in life, setting specific and smart goals can have many benefits. The concept of setting goals has been around for years, and almost every successful person sets goals. For a social media user, setting goals helps you stay accountable and focused on achieving the task.

A good example would be to set SMART goals. Below is some helpful information on each category:

· Specific – you have to identify a specific social media platform and measure your performance metrics.

· Measurable – you can use various tools such as Sprout Social Dashboard to measure your performance progress.

· Relevant – set goals that relate to your social media campaign and specific niche or activity.

· Time-bound – you have to meet all the goals you have set for your campaign based on a specific timeline.

5. Know and Identify Your Audience

Once you are through outlining your goals, shift your focus to a specific target audience. However, while every social media is a potential audience member, not everyone will be suitable for your organization. Some people have to focus on prospective customers, while other people focus on audiences such as influencers.

Either way, identifying your audience will have the following key benefits:

  • You can use it to determine the most suitable social media sites for your campaign.
  • You can use it to choose the proper posting schedule and structure.
  • You can use it to convey the vision, mission, and expected results of your brand.
  • You can use it to manage The information and details available on your profile.

Most people who want to boost their social media presence spin their wheels in relation to content production or posts. You have to avoid this like the plague!

Remember to spend time online evaluating personas, their challenges, and the social media brands they prefer. Doing this type of competitive analysis gives you an edge over other people and lets you stand from the rest.

Why Having No Social Media Presence is a Bad Idea

The introduction to this post offered five reasons you might believe having no social media presence is wise.

What Does It Mean to Have No Social Media Presence?

What have we discovered? What are the effects of having no social media presence?

Note: For the purposes of this post, having no social media presence means having a poor social media presence as well as having no social media presence at all.

If you have no social media presence:

  • You will not reveal your true self since people with a social media presence are genuine.
  • You won’t make connections since people with a poor social media presence only care about their follower count.
  • You waste time on social media since you don’t use tools to help you focus your efforts.
  • You waste time since you don’t use the SMART marketing plan.

No Social Media Presence FAQs

What does no social media presence mean?

Having no social media presence means you either aren’t on social media at all or when you do use social media, you don’t engage. For instance, you don’t respond to comments.

Can you get a job without social media?

Whether you can get a job without social media depends on the job. For instance, authors need to have a social media presence. Publishers don’t know if there is enough interest in the author’s writing to publish a book, so publishers look on social media. The same is true for actors and models. People who sponsor your career look on social media to make sure the public is interested in you.

Is not having social media a red flag?

That depends. Some people may suspect you are trying to hide something in your past. Others may feel you were focused on other activities or wanted to avoid potential drama.

Is it okay to not be on social media?

That depends. If you are isolated and your friends and family are on social media, perhaps connecting with them on social media would ease your loneliness and fill you in on your loved one’s activities. On the other hand, if social media is a distraction and a time drain, perhaps staying off social media is the better choice.

To Sum Up: The Consequences of Having No Social Media Presence

Having a solid social media presence can boost the performance and overall image of any brand. However, while expanding social media presence does not require technical skills, various techniques guarantee results. Besides, these techniques are not set in stone but serve as excellent ways to get creative with managing a social media campaign.

In closing, this post revealed four effects of having no social media presence or having a poor social media presence. This post also offered four actionable strategies to boost your social media presence.

If you are convinced that having no social media presence is a bad idea, then follow these four actionable tips. You will strengthen your social media presence.

Readers, please share so internet users persisting in their belief that having no social media presence is the best way to go read this post.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you feel it’s best to have a social media presence or is it better to have no social media presence and why?

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