Biometric claims processing by Malawi Health Insurance Firm: MacDonald Wella is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of WEMAS, a Malawian insurance company that uses biometrics for processing insurance claims and sharing coverage data. The company’s success has been impressive in just 15 months. WEMAS stands to represent the Wella Medical Aid Society.

Biometric claims processing by Malawi health insurance firm yields progress one year on
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Nyasa Times reports on how the company has introduced new health schemes and forged partnerships with over 150 pharmacies and hospitals across Southern Africa since it began offering its services in April 2020.

Wella stated to the outlet that they could process hundreds of paperless claims with their biometric technology. The response from Malawians has also been impressive as their client base continues to grow.

“We were the first to use biometric technology in Malawi, and we remain the only medical plan that uses it.” Wella stated that the technology allowed us to operate a paperless claims process for the first time in Malawi …,” Nyasa Times.

After establishing its headquarters in Lilongwe, and a branch in Blantyre in Blantyre successfully, WEMAS is still looking for new ways to recruit more clients. This is even though many Malawians are reluctant to subscribe to any medical insurance programs.

Nyasa Times was told by WEMAS CEO that, despite the current difficulties, including a lack of trust from citizens and citizens, their long-term goal is to establish a reputation as a major medical insurance company in Malawi within the next ten years.

According to the company, its packages offer medical plans for families, retirees, and corporate bodies. Nyasa Times reports that it targets older people as most national insurance plans do not cover them.

WEMAS created a biometric card system to facilitate access to insurance services for its clients in the early part of the year.

How the biometric system works

Biometric Update spoke to an official at WEMAS who said that Smart Applications provided the biometric solution. It is used to authenticate users’ identities for transactions.

He explained that the system allows for fingerprint biometrics enabled smart cards to secure and quicken patient authentication and verification at service centers.

Members can access their stored fingerprints with the card to enable service providers to view and approve their benefits, as well as billing and approval purposes.

Biometric technology can also speed up the submission of claims to pharmacies or hospitals for quicker processing and payment. The WEMAS official says that it also improves transparency because members can monitor their benefits.

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