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The Best Tips to Fast Index Website On Google (100% Works)

index website on google

How to index website on Google?

Do you want to drive more organic traffic to your new website?

I am sure your answer is yes? Right,

But, if Google does not index your website, Then you lose your visibility on search results, and you lose your organic traffic, and your website won’t show up in any phrases. 

In, this post I will teach you how to index a website on Google fast and this method actually works 100% Before I am going to share new methods with you let’s understand some basics of how Google works in crawling and indexing.

What Are Indexing And Crawling?

Google determines new web pages by crawling the web and adds those pages to their index. For completing this process they use a web spider called Googlebot.

Let’s define with simple definitions

  • Crawling: The process of following hyperlinks on the web to explore new content.
  • Indexing: The process of keeping every web page in a big database. 
  • Web Spider: A piece of software developed to perform the crawling process.
  • Googlebot: Google’s web spider

When you are searching on Google, you’re asking Google to show the most relevant web pages from their index. Keep in mind ranking and indexing two different things.

Indexing showing up just for the race, but the ranking is winning and you cannot win without looking at a race in the first place.

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How Long Does It Take For Google to Index a Site?

It usually takes four to five days for Google to index a new website, and sometimes it takes more than a week for Google’s crawl to reach the site. but if your site is old it gets indexed within forty-eight hours or earlier.

Why Its Matter If  Your Site is indexed Quickly On Google?

Even though you know that Google spiders are constantly crawling to find new content in the form of web pages that you publish. But why do you still need to do extra work to help them?

If your site is brand new, it may take days or weeks to crawl to get you to index new content. and that’s why you can’t appear in front of an audience because of the delay in search engine visibility, which is a huge success in digital marketing.

In addition to appearing in the top results in search engines, you can get traffic from all sorts of sources.

But when you see that most of the traffic comes from organic search results, it would be wrong to deny that your presence in search engines can ruin your success. and that’s what makes your site quickly indexed by search engines.

How to Check Your Website Index On Google?

It’s really simple just go to Google and search and press enter, You will see the result like the below image

index website on google

This is the exact numbers of web pages which Google has indexed, but if you want to check specific URL index status then do the same thing 

how to index website on google

How to Index Website on Google?

I do not discuss the old method like removing Crowl blocks in robot.txt file, submit sitemaps, rogue index tags, or other technical methods. this is the only trending and next-level method which works 100% perfectly.

1. Share Pages On High Traffic Websites

Many high traffic sites allow you to drop your web page links. You can publish regularly updated content on these sites to promote the website, you can not only drive a ton of traffic to your site also helps with indexation because Google crawls regularly on these high traffic website.

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here are the best high traffic websites which allow you to share  your links:

  1. Medium
  2. Twitter
  3. Reddit

1. Medium

Medium is a digital publishing platform where people share ideas and stories that are longer than 140 characters, which allows anyone fo to write for free.

The platform is unique because it has a massive built-in audience, and was designed for little stories that make your day better and manifest those that change the world.

While it helps you find the right audience for whatever you have to say.

You can also import your blog posts and drive massive traffic to your website. When write or import your story on Medium, definitely it has internal links in the story.

When Google crawler come on Medium to crawl daily basis, When they find your new web page on Medium crawler follow the internal links and index your website in their database, and send a signal to Web Spider 

So, share your content on the for a fast index website on Google and also increase website traffic. Follow these simple steps to start posting on Medium

2. Twitter

Honestly, no brainer to share your content on social media, but Google crawls regularly, Twitter is the world’s most powerful up to date link-sharing social network, and Google also indexes tweets too.

it’s also the best way to give a signal to Google crawler. Always post your content on Twitter with your links

3. Reddit

You may be shocked to know that Reddit is the seventh most trendy mobile social networking app in the United States. Many marketers don’t believe Reddit in their marketing efforts.

In fact, Reddit Sounds confusing to most new visitors.

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That’s because this site brings you a mix together of attractive news, random pictures, cool links, and many communities. This is precisely what makes it so useful for the advertiser who wants to get to a larger audience.

So, you can post carefully links, content, images, and videos on Reddit, Google also indexes its links fast like Twitter and Medium, the crawl process the same as I mentioned above.

2. High-Quality Backlinks

I know you’re well familiar with the name of backlinks, The most important ranking factor of a website. Google crawls from page to page from first to last HTML links and pick up the indexation of your website.

You can use various methods like blog commenting, guest posts, community forums, and social shares to create high-quality backlinks.

3. RSS Feed

Setting up an RSS feed to automatically inform your users about new blog posts is the best way to attract traffic to your website. You could use Google’s RSS Feed tool, Feedburner, to make this happen.

When users are up to date about the latest published articles, they have a reason to come again to your website. The more action you can get on your site, the more Google will crawl and index your pages.

4. Ping-O-Matic

Another very simple and fastest way to ping your website using the ping-o-Matic online free tool just follow the few steps like the below image. it’s not a good method but it works fast and free, so you can try.

ping o matic index website on google

5. URL Inspection

All the website owners must have a Google search console tool, The tool gives the perfect information about your is doing well or not in search. You should connect your site to the search console and get the benefits from all the insights.

Follow the steps to add your site to the Google search console:

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1.Go to the Google search console page and enter your domain name

index website fast on google

2. Click the sitemaps button Submit your sitemap

fast index website on google

3. Click URL inspection which shows your left sidebar and past your web page URL which you want to request index.

Google index website

4. Finally click the request Indexation button

At this time, google disabled this option because they will soon be coming up with new updates

6. Instant Indexing  (Google API)

This is another best method to fast index websites on Google. When you publish an article on your blog then it takes one week or month to index on Google, But with this method, the article index instantly or takes one hour

It is an amazing way to index websites on Google fast. In this method, we use Google API, This method is especially for news and job alerts websites but it is also working on general websites like this blog.

Now, follow the simple steps:

Go to the Google API page tick the check box of terms and services and select your country. After that click on the menu bar and hover mouse on, “I am Admin” and click “Service Account”

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fast index website on google free

The next step is to click “Create Service Account” and enter your blog name and in the description, you can simply type “API Indexing” click the continue button

fast website indexing on google

Now, click on the list item and find “Owner”

google index website on google

After that click continue and press don, Now its time to create your API key simply click “Create Key”

how to index website on google

and select Json file and hit create, a text file starts downloading in your browser when file download completed then open the file in notepad select all text and copy

fast index website on google

Go to your WordPress dashboard and add a new plugin called “Instant Indexing for Google” install and activate, you will see in rank math SEO plugin dashboard.

index website fast on google

After that open the plugin and click settings and paste JSON code in the text box or direct upload file, tick the post and pages and press the save changes button.

fast website indexing

In this plugin, you can also remove the dead URL of your website, This method is working fine in my own site and quickly improve site ranking and indexing you should also try this fast and free index website on Google.


I hope you will understand these simple methods to index website on Google quickly. If you like this post please share this and keep visite my blog and also subscribe to new articles thank you.

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