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Best Nintendo Switch controller chargers 2021

joy con charger power a

Nintendo Switch controller chargers

The Joy-Cons are the controllers that come with the Nintendo Switch and can be charged when connected to the Switch console on the dock or by a USB-C cable. However, with all of the color options available for additional Joy-Cons, many players have taken to having multiple sets of these controllers. Some have taken to playing with the Pro Controller instead of the Joy-Cons for a more familiar grip. With more than one controller, you’ll want a charging station to keep them all efficiently charged and ready with one of the best Nintendo Switch controller chargers listed here.

Joy Con Charger Power A

Nintendo official:
PowerA Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charger

Staff Pick

For those who display their Switch console, the PowerA charger visually matches the dock, so you won’t have any conflicting aesthetics. It’s also officially licensed by Nintendo. This stand can hold two pairs of Joy-Cons.

Centeni Switch Joy Con Charger

Charge with style:
Hundreds of Charging Station

Show off your individual Joy-Con colors with this square design that holds one Joy-Con per side. Get a full charge within 3 hours.

$22 at Amazon

Amazon Basics Charging Station

Not just basic:
Amazon Basics Charging Station Dock

Get a different look with this station from Amazon Basics that holds the Joy-Cons from the bottom instead of the side, as most of them do. It can fit two pairs of Joy-Cons and has a charging indicator light: red when charging and green when charged.

$18 at Amazon

Power A Controller Joy Stick Charger

Dual power:
PowerA Joy-Con & Pro Controller Charging Dock

If you have both Joy-Cons and a Pro Controller, this Nintendo licensed PowerA dock has a space for both! It’s a compact way to show off your controllers.

$37 at Amazon

Fastsnail Charger

Choices, choices:
FastSnail Charging Dock

For a dock that adjusts to your needs and is as versatile as your console, choose the FastSnail dock. The back of the dock holds a pair of Joy-Cons, and the front can either hold another pair, a Pro Controller, or your actual console. Choose from one of three colors.

From $15 at Amazon

Oivo 5 In 1 Controller Stand

Individual power:
OIVO 5-in-1 Switch Remote Controller Charger

See how each controller is charging with the LED screen that color changes when your controller is ready. The screen has a separate monitor for each of the four Joy-Cons as well as the Pro Controller.

$13 at Amazon

Fyoung Controller Rack

Dock extension:
FYOUNG Charging Dock Base Station

If you don’t want an additional station, this charger attaches to your Switch dock. The Joy-Cons will sit in the front of the base and save your space.

$14 at Amazon

Yoowa Pro Controller Charger

Simply pro:
YOOWA Pro Controller Charger

If Joy-Cons aren’t your thing and you just need a place to charge your Pro Controllers, this is a simple charger that will hold two controllers. It’s just enough space for the controllers, not too much space or extras.

$18 at Amazon

Fundirect Nintendo Switch 6 In One

Charge it all at once:
FunDirect 6 in 1 Charging Station for Nintendo Switch

For double the controllers without taking up double the space, this FunDirect charger is it. Two pairs of Joy-Cons and two Pro Controllers will fit all at once, but you cannot charge third-party controllers on this dock. They must be the official Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers.

$17 at Amazon

You have the power

Whether you play with the Joy-Cons and collect all the colors, or you prefer the traditional controller feel and have picked up a Pro Controller or two, or a combination of the two, there is a charging station for you. To get something officially licensed, if third party makes you hesitant, we recommend the PowerA Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charger and Joy-Con & Pro Controller Charging Dock options, depending on what kind of controllers you’re looking to use. But for an affordable and compact alternative for charging your Pro Controllers, the YOOWA Pro Controller Charger is simple and holds two controllers.

From Joy-Cons only to Pro Controllers to everything in between, these are all great options sure to fit your wants and needs for the perfect charging station. No matter which one you choose, your controllers will be juiced up and ready to go in no time!

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