Best LEGO Mario sets 2022

Lego Super Mario Nes Set

Retro classic:
Super Mario Nintendo Entertainment System 71374

Staff Pick

If there’s only one Mario LEGO set you go for, this should be it. You get to build this classic NES console complete with a controller, TV, and cartridge. There’s even a crank on the side of the TV that makes Mario move along a changing background. It’s a challenging build, but one that you can really show off. It takes Mario LEGO sets to a new level and is the ultimate collector’s set.

Lego Super Mario Adventures Mario Starter Course

Player 1:
LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course 71360

In order to really enjoy most Mario LEGO sets, you need either Mario or Luigi. However, they only come in the starter courses. The Mario one also features Bowser Jr., a Goomba, a flagpole, platforms, and more. Mario has a little computer inside and screens on his eyes and chest that react to the thing he hovers over. For instance, a coin might appear on his chest after scanning him over the Question Block.

Lego Super Mario Adventures Luigi Starter Course

Player 2:
LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Luigi Starter Course 71387

IF you’re eying those Luigi’s Mansion sets, you’re going to need to get the Luigi Starter Course. This gives you the scared plumber along with a pink Yoshi, enemy Boom Boom, a Bone Goomba, and more. Luigi also has a tiny computer inside along with a screen on his chest and eyes, and he can react depending on the enemies and locations he placed over. That way, you can see him get really scared or excited depending on what he’s doing.

Lego Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block

It’s a small world afterall:
Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block 71395

This is one of the most elaborate and creative Mario LEGO sets out there. It takes inspiration from multiple Super Mario 64 locations including Peach’s Castle. Several small figures are included like Bowser, Peach, and Mario. You can even use the large Mario figure (sold separately) to interact with this set and collect Stars.

Lego Bowser Airship Expansion Set

Enemy airways:
LEGO Bowser Airship Expansion Set 71391

Nothing’s quite as cool as the Koopa King’s main mode of transportation, and this LEGO set makes it truly worth your while. It features a large Bowser face on the front and comes with a Magikoopa, Pirate Goomba, and Monty Mole. Not to mention, many parts of the ship move or feature hatches that you can interact with.

Lego Luigis Mansion Haunt And Seek Expansion Set

Bump in the night:
LEGO Super Mario Luigi’s Mansion Haunt-and-Seek Expansion Set 71401

Luigi’s Mansion has been one of my favorite franchises for a while, and this fun set does the games justice. It lays out like different rooms in a mansion, with King Boo and his ghostly minions ready to cause trouble. There’s even a picture frame where you can place other characters and make it look like King Boo has captured them.

Lego Super Marios House And Yoshi Expansion Set

Ride and stomp:
LEGO Super Mario Mario’s House & Yoshi Expansion Set 71367

No Nintendo set is complete without Yoshi, and fortunately, this kit gives him to you, along with Mario’s charming house and a Goomba enemy. Whether Mario is chilling in his hammock or going places with his dino friend, there’s plenty to do. Plus, this is one of the less expensive sets you can get.

Lego Super Mario Luigis Mansion Entryway Expansion Set

Spectre hunting:
LEGO Super Mario Luigi’s Mansion Entryway Expansion Set 71399

This fun entrance to a haunted mansion pairs perfectly with the Haunt-and-Seek Expansion Set or stands on its own as a cheaper alternative. It comes with Luigi’s ghostly friend, the Polterpup, and a purple ghost known as a Bogmire. Interact with the gate, defeat the ghost, and collect Golden Bones for the ghostly dog using the Luigi figure that is sold separately.

Lego Super Mario Guarded Fortress Expansion Set

Journey to the castle:
LEGO Super Mario Guarded Fortress Expansion Set 71362

With its iconic castle, Koopa, Bob-omb, and Piranha Plant, this set is one of the must-haves. It’s perfect as a standalone kit since it offers multiple pathways and the main location, or you can connect it with other Super Mario LEGO sets for a more complete picture of the Mushroom Kingdom. Scan the interactive tiles on the sides of the enemies to get the Mario figure to react. Remember that Mario is sold separately.

Lego Super Mario Desert Pokey Expansion Set

Finish him!:
LEGO Super Mario Desert Pokey Expansion Set 71363

This clever set makes it possible for you to defeat the tall Pokey enemy one block at a time. Set the separately-sold Mario figure on the gray platform and then rotate it to slam the gray hammer into the tall Pokey’s side. If you aim true, you might just hit the Monty Mole on the right with one of the broken off pieces. As far as building a course goes, this set is inexpensive while still being able to add a really fun element to your collection.

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