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Beatport acquires music discovery portal LabelRadar

Online dance music retailer Beatport has acquired the music discovery portal LabelRadar.

LabelRadar is a platform that introduces artists and their music to labels, and notifies them when their demo is listened to.

For record labels, says Beatport, LabelRadar provides “streamlined access to a steady flow” of unsigned demos from a variety of genres, submitted by artists from across the world.

When an A&R team finds a track, they can view data on the artist, start a chat, and upon mutual confirmation, sign the track.

LabelRadar will join Hype and LabelBase as part of Beatport’s Music Services division, led by Alex Branson, SVP of Music Services, who joined the company in February.

Beatport also acquired the UK-born music industry technology company ampsuite in February, and also bought Loopmasters in 2020.

In the past, Beatport has worked alongside LabelRadar to host remix competitions featuring Carl Craig, Tiësto, and Giolì & Assia via its ‘Opportunities’ feature.

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Through the partnership, this Opportunities feature will continue to be developed to increase collaboration across all levels of the dance music industry, says Beatport.

LabelRadar will enable Beatport to support artists and labels from the beginning of their musical careers, and will further connect music services into the overall Beatport ecosystem.

LabelRadar was co-founded by Derek Clark (USA), Ed Brew (UK), and brothers Juan Ferreras (Argentina) & Sebastián Ferreras (Spain), along with Ariel Kohan (Argentina) as a founding team member.

“LabelRadar has built an accessible product.”

Alex Branson

Alex Branson, said: “LabelRadar streamlines the whole demo submission process.

“LabelRadar has built an accessible product that makes it easier for labels and publishers to review incoming demos, while ensuring artists get their demos heard by the right prospective partners who can immediately jump on the opportunity to sign new music.”

“Our mission is to build a division that can help artists and labels expand the reach and value of their music.”

Robb McDaniels, The Beatport Group

Robb McDaniels, CEO of The Beatport Group, added: “Our mission is to build a division that can help artists and labels expand the reach and value of their music by connecting to Beatport’s unique community, and the acquisition of LabelRadar becomes an important part of our suite of services.”

“LabelRadar was born from a shared dream of a music industry that was more accessible, transparent, and efficient.”

Ed Brew and Derek Clark

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Ed Brew and Derek Clark, Co-CEOs and Co-Founders, said: “LabelRadar was born from a shared dream of a music industry that was more accessible, transparent, and efficient for both artists and labels of all sizes.

“Our platform makes it easy to submit, discover, and sign unreleased music, fostering an ecosystem where quality music can be quickly identified and it’s no longer a matter of who you know in the industry.

“Having worked with the top-notch team at Beatport on several projects, we were quick to recognize a shared vision, not just for what LabelRadar could become, but for the future of the music industry as a whole.

“By partnering with Beatport, we are unlocking the true potential of our ecosystem by scaling our development efforts, tapping into their vast network of industry relationships, and further expanding the value we can offer our users.

“We’re excited to embark on the next chapter of our journey and to continue making sure no music goes under the radar again.”Music Business Worldwide

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