AXA Vantage Claims Relationship Managers

Chris Walsh, Commercial Claims Director, AXA Insurance, and Douglas Barnett, Director of Mid-Market and Customer Risk Management, AXA Insurance, explain the recent changes made to the claims approach of AXA’s Vantage proposition.

“Our customers are purchasing a product, but the moment of truth is when they have to call on that product and get value from what they have bought. That’s where we deliver on our promise to carefully review all claims and pay out when cover is in place. What’s more, we have to make sure from a claims point of view that everyone is aligned on this journey – the broker, the customer and us.”

That’s the rationale given by Chris Walsh, Commercial Claims Director at AXA Insurance, as he explains the recent changes made to the claims aspect of AXA’s Vantage proposition.

AXA Vantage is a proposition that brings everything – from underwriting to risk management to claims – under one roof for mid-market clients. In recent months, there’s been a renewed focus and client alignment for the claims aspect of this.

One of the key changes is that now clients with premium of £100,000 or more will have a dedicated claims handling team aligned to their account.

“We also have a Claims Relationship Manager aligned with each of our branches and they act as a conduit between claims, the branches and brokers,” Chris explains.

“The Claims Relationship function allows the claims team to build up a relationship with the client and helps them understand their structure, the risk culture and the employee profile of each client.”

Key to the AXA Vantage proposition is flexibility and that’s no different when it comes to claims.

“For larger clients we look at the needs of the broker and that specific client instead of simply saying ‘this is what you get’. We’re looking at what the client needs are, what do they need from risk management or claims. It’s a much more tailored service for each client,” says Douglas Barnett, Director of Mid-Market and Customer Risk Management at AXA Insurance.

“We want to make sure we’re talking about proposition rather than price, so the broker is confident that the cover, the risk management and the claims service is right for their client.”

Describing it as “more joined up rather than new” Douglas explains that a four-stage process has been set up to ensure that everything that was promised is being delivered and that any changes to the client’s risk profile are picked up in real time rather than at renewal.

Chris explains that the changes to the claims proposition have been designed to deliver a personal service no matter how large or complex the client may be.

“It’s about being flexible around what the broker wants us to do,” he says.

“We offer a suite of options which they can use to win and retain business and we’ll work with them on how they want to tailor that relationship between us and the client.”

Authored by Martin Friel on behalf of AXA

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