Idris Elba goes mano-a-gato with a rogue lion


I squared up with “Beast” in full-on beast mode, meaning: pad, pen, popcorn and proportional expectations. Expectations somewhat exceeded! Turns out “Beast” is a fairly good, pretty brutal, dumb-smart survival thriller made with a clear, even reductive sense of purpose.…

Defining My Intersectionality

The Gayly Dose Dante Rhodes 750x400 081922

Being Black and queer (as I identify as both gay and nonbinary) has proven not to be complicated, but beautiful in the way it has led me to explore the queer-focused world I live in. Whether it’s a circuit party…

The CDC Needs to Admit Its Covid Mistakes


Comment on this storyComment This week, the Centers for Disease Control announced it will overhaul itself in response to pandemic mistakes. The first thing the CDC should do is to clarify what those mistakes were. While many experts think those…