Apple seeds HomePod minis to testers in Sweden ahead of official release

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Source: Stephen Warwick / iMore

Apple has seeded some Swedish testers with HomePod mini units, a smart speaker that has so far not officially been released in the country.

According to a report by the Swedish-language website Teknivecka, Apple has given some beta testers a HomePod mini on which to test Siri in their native language. HomePods don’t currently support Swedish Siri, except on these test devices.

According to the report, Apple is using a third party to seed the units to testers.

Via machine translation:

Macradion has received several tips on people who are testing HomePod mini in Swedish at the time of writing. It all happens so that an external party that is not Apple sends out a HomePod mini to selected testers who will then integrate with Siri every day by saying a bunch of different phrases. So far, the Swedish support seems to be a couple of months away. The test has been going on for eight weeks and several of our sources say that Siri has difficulty answering several, fairly simple questions.

There’s even a video of a HomePod mini in action:

There is no telling when Apple will release the HomePod mini in Sweden or when Siri will officially speak Swedish, but the news that tests are underway should be good news to those who want to be able to bag Apple’s smart speaker in the country.

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