Apple is reportedly pondering a massive 20-inch folding MacBook

Macbook Air M1

Source: Daniel Bader / Android Central

Apple is thought to be considering some from of foldable notebook that will open out to become a larger desk-based machine, according to a new report.

Writing as part of a larger report into the world of foldable smartphones, Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultants says that Apple might not be ready to get a foldable iPhone to market until 2025, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t already looking beyond that.

According to Young, Apple is considering some from of foldable notebook machine that would sport a 20-inch display, larger than anything that currently folds. That display would allow the new machine to act as a notebook computer with a built-in keyboard while also offering functionality as a desktop machine when unfolded, too.

However, don’t expect that to come to market any time soon, says Young.

On the other hand, we are now showing Apple in our roadmap for foldable notebooks. We hear there is interest at the largest size yet, around 20.x”. This size could create a new category for Apple and would result in a true dual use product, a notebook with a full-size keyboard when folded and for use as a monitor when not folded and used with an external keyboard. It may also allow for UHD/4K resolution or even higher at that size. The time frame is likely later than 2025 though, it could be 2026 or 2027.

If indeed Apple is working on such a device, it’s a safe bet that it isn’t alone. Given Apple’s preference to be late to market but to fix issues earlier arrivals have to deal with, expect to see other companies jump to launch similar products between now and whenever Apple comes to the fore.

The idea of a MacBook Pro that expands to become an iMac is undoubtedly an intriguing one and it would surely become the best Mac for people who need both desktop and portable functionality — something that would normally require two machines.

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