Apple is once again releasing special edition Watch bands to mark the summer Olympics, but this time you won’t have to travel to the games (not that you likely can) to get one. The company has launched an Apple Watch International Collection of 22 Sport Loops that should help you cheer your team as it chases medals in Tokyo. There’s a US band (below), to no one’s surprise, but you’ll also find straps for countries as wide-ranging as Australia, Greece (it did start the Olympics, after all), Japan and South Africa.

No, you won’t have to go to the trouble of creating a custom watch face. The packaging takes advantage of App Clips to help you download a matching Stripes face. You can also download them from Apple’s website if there’s another country you want to support.

Apple Watch International Collection band for US

The International Collection bands are available solely through Apple and sell for $49 in both 40mm and 44mm sizes. Apple characterizes them as “limited-edition,” although it didn’t say how long they’ll be available (we’ve asked for clarification). It’s safe to say you’ll want to get yours quickly if you’re interested. This is a rare chance to buy an official nation-themed Apple Watch band without having to pay a premium for one on an auction site.

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