Apple fined again over Dutch App Store issues

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Source: Joe Keller / iMore

A Dutch regulator has fined Apple 5 million euros for the third time, stating it is still not satisfied with its plans to comply with new App Store payment laws.

From Reuters:

The Dutch antitrust watchdog on Monday fined apple Apple (AAPL.O) 5 million euros ($5.72 million) for a third time for failing to allow software application makers in the Netherlands to use non-Apple payment methods for dating apps listed in the company’s App Store.

It is the third such fine in as many weeks after Apple missed a January 15 deadline on the matter. The ACM said it was “disappointed in Apple’s behavior and actions” and said it hadn’t received enough information to determine that Apple was complying with the new rules.

Apple has announced plans to allow developers to create separate apps that enable alternative payments on devices like the iPhone 13 and its other best iPhones through the App Store, and sparked fury last week when it announced it would still charge 27% commission on payments made through the alternative means or externally after a user clicked on a link. One developer labeled the move “absolutely vile” and Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said Apple’s plan to comply was a “sham”.

Apple has publicly reiterated its plans to collect commission on all payments handled on iOS either through in-app purchases or through alternative means.

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