Apple is cutting the prices for its AppleCare Plus extended warranty for both its M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops. AppleCare for the new M1 Air now costs $199 (versus the old $249 price), while AppleCare for the M1 Pro is down $20 to $249, as spotted by MacRumors.

If you’ve got an Intel-based laptop, those price cuts are a mixed bag. Apple is applying the $199 price for the MacBook Air to both the M1 and Intel-based models, even though it no longer directly sells the Intel Airs. If you’ve got an Intel-based Pro, on the other hand (which Apple does still offer, at least for now), you won’t be getting any discount — AppleCare Plus for that model will still cost the same $269 as before.

Note the “New Lower Price.”
Image: Apple

AppleCare Plus for Macs extends the 90 days of coverage included with a new laptop to three years. It also gives users two damage replacements every 12 months, with an additional charge of $99 for replacing the screen or outside of the laptop, or a $299 for “other damage.” Those fees are on top of the initial AppleCare Plus fee that customers pay upfront, but given that Apple’s laptops start at $999, it’s the sort of thing that could save money in the long run if you’re particularly accident prone.

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