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Animal Crossing: New Horizons — Katrina & fortune telling guide

Katrina Animal Crossing New HorizonsSource: iMore

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons update is finally here! While Brewster and the Roost were the focus of the September Direct, we received so much more than just a coffee shop and a well-loved NPC in the announcement.

Along with new items, cooking, and so many more details, Nintendo added a merchant’s village to Harv’s Island. With this new addition comes plenty of recognizable faces, including the mysterious Katrina, who has been an Animal Crossing staple from the beginning. So, who is Katrina, and what role does she play? Let’s look into the crystal ball and find out.

Who is Katrina?

Animal Crossing New Horizons Katrina

Source: iMore

Katrina is Animal Crossing’s resident panther. This navy blue big cat is a stereotypical fortune teller, usually spotted wearing a robe, headdress, and gold bangles. Also, her birthday is on Oct. 28. Since the first Animal Crossing title, and likely in New Horizons, her skill is telling fortunes for a small fee.

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Depending on the game, the price ranges from 50-500 Bells for a fortune. Katrina will also offer other spooky services, like charms or removing curses for a not-so-small fee. Believe it or not, Katrina’s fortunes can actually impact your game, or at least they have in the past.

Fortunes can have various effects. Specific villagers may become more drawn to you or avoid you altogether. You may also find yourself very lucky, receiving unexpected bells and rare items. Other times, the outcome is very unlucky, and you’ll fall flat on your face. It’s also possible that absolutely nothing willl happen. Your mileage varies depending on Katrina’s prediction. You can determine by what she says during the prediction.

If you want to obtain her poster, you can also use her amiibo card; that is, if you can find it.

Unlocking Katrina in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons Katrina Harvs Island

Source: iMore

Katrina is here…well, sort of. Despite his laid-back attitude, Harvey has been hard at work, planning his dream project, and Katrina is a part of it. Here’s how to unlock the mysterious fortune-teller.
  1. Boot up Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and head over to the airport. Make sure you have at least 100,000 Bells on you.
  2. Talk to Orville and select, I want to fly!
  3. Select Harv’s Island.

    Animal Crossing New Horizons Harveys Island

    Source: iMore

  4. When you arrive, Wilbur will let players know that Harvey isn’t in his typical spot.
  5. Head down the new path under the arches, where you will find Harvey chatting with a new NPC, Harriet.

    Animal Crossing New Horizons Walkway Harvs

    Animal Crossing New Horizons Harvs IslandSource: iMore

  6. Harvey will let you know his plan about opening up a Merchant Village, but he needs some funding. With the help of his friends, an army of Lloid gyroids, you can donate funds to bring merchants to the island.

    Animal Crossing New Horizons Katrina Harvs Island

    Source: iMore

  7. Head to the lower-left corner and you’ll spot a Lloid accepting donations for a mysteriously accurate fortune-teller.
  8. Pay the 100,000 Bells. Lloid will thank you for your contribution and tell you that he will send off an invite for the new merchant.

    Animal Crossing New Horizons Merchant Payoff

    Source: iMore

  9. Now, you play the waiting game.
  10. The next day, check back at Harv’s Island and Katrina’s shop will be open!

Now you can have your fortune read by the mysterious Katrina! Something to keep in mind before you buy is that you can only purchase one merchant spot a day! So, if Katrina isn’t a priority over some other merchants, consider going with one of them first.

What can Katrina do?

Animal Crossing New Horizons Katrina Fortune

Source: iMore

Now that you have the mystifying puma, what can she do? Well, she can tell your fortune for a fee. Like other Animal Crossing titles, you can head to Katrina for all of your fortune-telling needs, and she can predict how your day will go. Of course, she’ll do so with a bit of flair.

For the price of 1000 Bells, Katrina will predict your luck for the day, or she will reveal your compatibility with another villager. Not too bad if you’re trying to collect all those personal photos. But, it’s not all good. Sometimes Katrina will predict bad luck, which can affect your game. However, you can pay 10,000 bells to have the curse removed and Katrina may even send you something should you fork up the dough.

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The future looks bright

November is a month full of promise. And now that the update is finally here, we just have to wait for the new Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise DLC. Animal Crossing fans will have plenty to do. Just remember, the crystal knows all, and bad times… are just times that are bad.

Look into the crystal ball

Katrina Amiibo Card

Katrina amiibo card

Your future looks bright!

Grab this series 4 amiibo card and snag a Katrina poster in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Just be wary, as this card is rare. Excercise caution when buying.

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