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Amazon may be producing a live-action Blade Runner series

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In context: If you thought Blade Runner 2049 film was the end of the franchise’s live-action content, think again. Back in November of last year, Ridley Scott confirmed that a Blade Runner show was in the works, much to the excitement of 2049’s many fans. However, most details were still up in the air, such as who would be funding the project, what its name is, and what platforms it might be available on. Fortunately, new reports have given us those answers and more.

According to Variety, the series has been dubbed Blade Runner 2099, and it will act as a follow-up to Blade Runner 2049. Judging by the name, we’re assuming BR 2099 will be set fifty years into the future — but it’s way too early to say whether or not there will be any returning characters, locations, or plot points.

Fortunately, those decisions probably won’t be made strictly with budget considerations in mind. Amazon’s deep pockets are reportedly bankrolling the project, which likely means the show will be — at least temporarily — an Amazon Prime Video exclusive.

2022 02 11 image 24

If so, it’s a smart move on Amazon’s part. Not only did Blade Runner 2049 perform reasonably well at the box office (it’s no Avengers, but nobody could expect it to be), it’s remained a popular conversation point among cinephiles and casual moviegoers alike. The film is often praised for its art direction, acting, deep themes, and especially its excellent soundtrack. So long as those in charge of 2099 understand what makes a good Blade Runner film, Amazon could have a success on their hands.

Executive producers on Blade Runner 2099 include Silka Luisa, Andrew Kosove, Broderick Johnson, and Ridley Scott. Apparently, there’s a possibility that Scott might direct a few episodes of the series, provided it’s able to get off the ground.

As any cinema fan knows, these sorts of projects get canceled just as often as they get announced. So, while this is exciting news — and Amazon is reportedly fast-tracking the script-writing process — we shouldn’t get our hopes up until we get confirmation that full production is underway.

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