Amazon driver Massive Spider: One of TikTokers had an innovative technique of handling a terrifying spider who entered their porch in the front – requesting its Amazon supply driver to handle it. The employee has, as many people have noticed, gone above his job requirements, getting rid of the traitorous monster and impressive spectators.

It starts with a consumer known as Gwen who types further information on how Amazon delivers in the company’s app and posted to TikTok on Wednesday by user @gwenniesanchez. “On my porch, there’s an enormous spider who refuses to depart, and I’m too afraid of going out of my front door,” reads the note. “It would be fantastic if you could kill the spider for me. Thank you! Thank you. Thank you!” The clip shows the enormous spider rushing across the camera’s lens.

Amazon driver Massive Spider
Image Credit: Washington Newsday

Soon, the Amazon delivery driver was demonstrated by the doorbell camera to the front door of the house. He seems to find the spider, take his shoe off, and switch the arachnid on the ground quickly, likely killing him.

To date, more than 9,8 million videos have been viewed, with more than 2,000 people. He’s now looking for the ‘heroic’ employee from Amazon, Gwen, who lives ‘deep in the heart of Texas.’ “Help me to find the driver to make me thank him!” her video title states.

While the audience, horrified by the gigantic size of the spider, hails the delivery driver as a “hero.”

“I have a bonus of $1 billion,” one person remarked.

Others laughed about the occurrence, which testifies to the “unrivaled” customer service at Amazon or that the killing of spider was exclusive to the members of Prime.

In a follow-up video, Gwen said, “Hello Amazon! Thank you for killing the Spider yesterday! You are famously TikTok, you are now…. TikTok wants to know the people of TikTok: 1. Are you single? 2. What’s your Venmo?” Similar to him, the following video said: “I have another package coming and I’ve left him a note, let’s watch what’s coming.

Unfortunately, it was not the individual who delivered Gwen’s box on the day that the video revealed the Amazon driver. However, he will return to receive her note. She remains hopeful. “Tomorrow I ordered some more items for delivery,” she said in her remarks. “It is hoping the delivery of Amazon.”

The remarks made about the initial video of Gwen, many of which pointed out that Amazon’s driver “does not receive sufficient compensation” for his wonderful act and “merits an increase,” seem to allude to the continuing debate about Amazon’s working conditions.

At the end of June, a Union that represents more than 1.4 million delivery drivers, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, formally endorsed the Amazon workers’ unionization. Meanwhile, the delivery drivers of the corporation are seeking subtle ways to protest unsafe working conditions: they leave the boxes on the back, converting the smile into a waft, instead of sending the signature items, smiling the arrow facing upwards.

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