About Me

Hi, my name is Faisal Qadeer Mughal behind of Faisal Online.it’s a big story behind my success, Back in 2007, After completing my study I was found a job and I was happy with this opportunity.

but after two years I resign the job because 9 to 5 work so hard for me, I lose my friends, family gatherings, travels, and tours, etc. After taking 4-month rest.

my friend suggests that go to the information technology field and do a short course like web development, digital marketing, SEO, and graphic designing.

I understand friend suggestions and finding the best institute for short IT courses. Suddenly I found the IT HEIGHT institute and get admission and start learning.

In this institute, I learn WordPress Web Development and SEO basic to advance level. I start struggling day and night and get 100% marks in all assignments and projects.

After six months I win the best student award and get an official certificate of the web development.

Now, My first project was an Indian company business website lintsteels.com which I was created after this project I have created one more hafizsteelworks.com, and my after few months I have got lots of huge projects.

At the start of the 2020 year, I decided to join the blogging field and share my knowledge with other beginners, and now I create this blog faisalonline.com

My Aim

On this blog, I will share the latest SEO advanced techniques, new blogging tips, and how you can start your successful blogging career, Affiliate marketing, Free online business ideas, and Digital Marketing. So, keep visiting my blog and subscribe to the latest articles and share with your friends