A Year After Pandemic Pivot This Entrepreneur Started Anew

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The first quarter of 2020 was supposed to be the first of many successful and profitable such quarters for Mike Allton, serial entrepreneur and blogger.

He had just launched a new signature course to help businesses and solopreneurs tackle and become successful at blogging and content marketing. Designed as a rigorous 10-week bootcamp, Allton led ten live streaming workshop and Q&A sessions, coupled with a workbook, planner and support community, throughout January, February and March. Yet, just as the new quarter and a new batch of students were poised to begin, the pandemic struck and everything changed.

While Allton could have continued to price and structure and deliver his training without adjustment, he saw a new need arise and was determined to help.

Suddenly, many were without incomes and looking for work, or had to find work that gave them the flexibility to work from home and manage a family, as blogging does. And these people wanted to get started yesterday, not in ten weeks.

So the Blogging Bootcamp went from a 10-week training course to 100% on demand. Students could go through all of the training modules in a single day, if they so chose, and get their new blogging and content marketing efforts ramped up within days. The cost of the course was slashed by two thirds and instead of weekly trainings, Allton routinely hosted live office hours to give students more opportunities to ask questions.

To accomplish this, all of the recorded sessions from the first quarter were used and made available. And while the material was there, it lacked polish and real-time engagement, and there was no accountability. Allton had been able to see who was in attendance while sessions were live and could reach out to missing students, but with recorded videos in a Facebook Group, there was zero visibility into student attendance and performance.

Throughout the rest of 2020, the Blogging Bootcamp remained available as an instant, on demand training, but by Fall Allton was looking ahead to the future, beyond the pandemic. He recognized the need for new training videos that were updated and didn’t force future students to watch replays of past live broadcasts, stripped of engagement with students who had originally watched the live. He knew from the first series of videos that there were a few topics, like SEO, that students wanted more information on, and he saw how much students appreciated being able to go through the training on their own pace, rather than a weekly schedule.

So he set out to re-launch the blogging training but to do so in a way that ensured future students would have the best possible experience and opportunity to learn blogging.

Allton selected Thinkific as the preeminent learning platform. He updated all of the course materials and information and then spent months filming all-new training videos. He created an environment where students can download all of the workbooks, planners, checklists and supplemental materials, and then set about to film another eight additional bonus training videos that went into depth on additional topics.

Now, a year after so rapidly switching gears, the Blogging Bootcamp is re-launched and re-born. Businesses who want to employ content marketing or solopreneurs who want to earn a living blogging can now enroll and get started as soon as they’re ready. Blogging students who get stuck have the private community and the Blogging Brute himself to turn to, with Allton constantly monitoring progress. Successful businesses and bloggers who complete the training receive their certification and, more importantly, are now equipped with the understanding and experience needed to identify and create the kind of content that will actually drive real results for them.

For more information, visit https://bloggingbrute.com/blogging-bootcamp/ or contact Mike Allton directly.

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Mike is an award-winning blogger, speaker, and author at The Social Media Hat, and Head of Strategic Partnerships at Agorapulse where he strengthens relationships with social media educators, influencers and partner brands. Allton is also the co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing alongside Jenn Herman, Stephanie Liu, Amanda Robinson and Eric Butow, available wherever books are sold.

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