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A Look at the Most Visited Websites in the US


What are the most popular websites, and how can overall usage trends help inform digital marketing strategies?

It’s interesting to consider broader web consumption habits, and the team from SEMRush recently put a listing together on exactly this, showing the most visited websites in December 2021 for US users.

SEMRush top 20 websites

In general, there are no major surprises – Google, YouTube, Facebook and Amazon lead the way (though interesting to note desktop versus mobile traffic share), while Wikipedia, Walmart, Instagram and ESPN were also up there.

But take a look at Reddit, which was ahead of most other social platforms in terms of traffic.

SEMRush top 20 websites

An important clarification here is that this is web traffic, not app use – which is why TikTok, for example, is lower than Pinterest. But it’s interesting to note how people are coming across content via web browsers, and how they’re searching for and accessing information across each site.

That could help you map out a more effective strategy to target these users. Knowing that 85% of traffic comes via desktop, for example, seems like a strong indicator of how users are coming to YouTube videos via Google search, which could help you plan your YouTube ads to align with this experience.

Reddit’s the same, with a lot of visitors accessing the platform on desktop, as well as Pinterest, which would suggest that there’s a lot of desktop search activity for related products leading people to the app.

It requires more specific tailoring of your approach, but it could be another consideration, and it’s interesting to see how people are connecting to these sites via the web.

You can read the full December web traffic report from SEMRush here.

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