A Guide To Building A Luxury Consulting Brand Online

Hanna Fitz is an international brand strategist/business coach and founder of the brand atelier at hannafitz.com and CEO of Cultured Life.

If you are an expert with the experience, the savoir-faire and desire to offer a very high-touch, personalized experience, then I think luxury positioning is where you need to be. Unfortunately, I’ve found many brilliant experts are being overshadowed by a brand that positions them at the mass-market level. But many of these experts have a desire to become more well-known as the expert and appeal to the type of client who will pay more for mastery and a luxury experience with their service.

This is what was happening with one of my clients. She had built a lucrative coaching business, but she had spent all her focus on building the business and she forgot to build her brand. She understood that her brand was more than a great wardrobe and some professional photos on a website and social media. She just didn’t know how to go about creating a more cohesive brand, refined messaging that was an authentic reflection of her values and style while speaking to a higher-level clientele.

The first thing I shared with her, I will share with you: It’s not as complicated as you may think to reach higher-end clients and build your status as a high-profile/luxury brand online. Luxury is a strategy, and I have helped many clients leverage it to earn more for their services, gain visibility and build prestige in a way that actually leads to more lucrative clients and deals.

1. Clarity is queen.

It is important to clarify what you desire to accomplish and how you want to accomplish it. Many experts and entrepreneurs come to me saying “I need more clients! I always ask, Do you need more clients or more revenue?” Believe it or not, it is not the same thing. If you are really being honest, just the thought of more clients may even overwhelm you because you like to go deep, not just delivering a service but creating an experience. Get clear on whether you desire to create a mass-market brand or a bespoke brand with a well-curated list of high-value clients.

2. Strategy is king.

Experts often think they just need to figure out their brand colors, use new photos or write better copy for their website. While sometimes these changes are necessary, I’ve noticed that often the problem is that you haven’t figured out your audience and what they actually desire. I often see that experts do not sell what is actually valuable, and this may be why you’re not earning more. It’s important to position your brand to communicate that value.

For example, when you visit the Louvre in Paris, the “Mona Lisa” is placed in a glass case in the center of the room and further protected by sanctions. Usually, there are crowds of people who want to see it not only because it is one of the most famous pieces of art, but because its fame story is perpetuated by its positioning in the museum. Even if you had no idea what the “Mona Lisa” was, walking into that room you would leave with the impresssion that it is important.

Being intentional about how you position your brand is key. The French have a saying: Find the niche, which means find the niche. When you find the niche, you may find you are able to sell more high-end services and become visible in a way that positions you as the expert.

3. Leverage your brand’s ‘it factor.’

Why do people still buy genuine designer bags when there are so many counterfeit versions on the market? Because there is nothing like the real thing. Beyond owning a genuine bag with its high-quality leather and craftsmanship, there is an emotional sensation that comes from just owning the designer brand itself. This is your brand’s “it factor.” Your brand’s it factor is key to making your brand incomparable. Like the human DNA that defines how we look and even how we speak and think, your brand DNA — the it factor — is what influences how your brand looks and how it makes people feel. It is how brands are able to create more cohesive and powerful messaging that sells.

Competitors may copy your products and services, but your it factor is your mark of distinction. Like a secret recipe, copies may look like it but won’t taste like it. That is your advantage. The brand it factor will signal to customers even on an unconscious level in ways that they may not be able to articulate but can feel that this is my brand. Much like how one person may feel more drawn to Gucci and another Armani. Use your it factor to attract your ideal clientele. Emphasize your it factor to establish a more distinct and compelling presence and elevated authority in the market. Remember, emotions are a significant force behind why we buy, and design without emotion is often ineffective. This is why creating a strong brand DNA is key.

The online world has created incredible opportunities for consultants and service-based entrepreneurs. The key to standing out is to know how you are different and master your visual presence and message to attract the right clients online.

Your online presence is your best advertising. A solid brand does not just make you look great and professional, it makes your brand more marketable and desirable. It is your 24-hour sales representative working to help you achieve your strategic goals. Marketing becomes more effective when your brand is marketable.

You don’t just want your brand to say you mean business, you want it to set you apart as the pinnacle of excellence and sell your mastery well. Being intentional about how you develop your brand presence is vital to the long-term success of your business and establishing your leadership in your market.

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