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3 Tips To Improve Your Amazon Storefront

By Nick Heethuis, founder of TripleShot Marketing, an Amazon marketing agency helping brands launch and grow on Amazon.

Your brand’s home base on Amazon is the Amazon Storefront. Unlike Amazon search results and product listings where shoppers are inundated with competitor ads and other distractions, your Storefront is exclusive to your brand. Your Storefront offers you the creative flexibility to showcase your brand in a unique way. It even offers you the opportunity to own your brand’s digital real estate with your own custom “” URL.

While there are plenty of compelling reasons why every brand should have an Amazon Storefront, it does require the work to design and optimize your Storefront for Amazon shoppers. A crowded layout or poor navigation will prevent your Storefront from achieving its full potential in growing your brand.

Here are three tips to avoid common problems when designing your Amazon Storefront.

1. Keep Your Design Simple And Organized

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The most important tip for building an effective Amazon Storefront is to keep the design simple and organized. A confusing layout that’s difficult to navigate will quickly turn a buyer off from your brand. The simpler the design, the more quickly shoppers can navigate your catalog of products and find what they’re looking for.

It’s also vital that the design be optimized for both desktop and mobile to allow shoppers to access your Storefront from a variety of platforms.

The navigation menu leads to each one of your pages, which should ideally have concise page names. For example, “Coffee Mugs” is a better page name than “Stainless Steel Tumbler Coffee Mugs.”

You should also aim for at least three pages on your Storefront, as increased pages lead to higher shopper dwell time and higher ad-attributed sales per visitor.

2. Use Available Product Widgets

Product widgets are a powerful tool to display products on your Storefront. These widgets are already optimized by Amazon, so you can easily take advantage of the time and effort they’ve put into making them functional for Amazon shoppers.

The product grid is an excellent way to list all products contained in a single category. Other effective widgets include the Best-Seller and Featured Deals. The Add to Cart button is also a great way to enable buyers to shop directly from your Storefront while they browse your selection and read more about your brand.

3. Build Trust With A High-Quality Design

Building trust is a crucial part of e-commerce. Cheap images and sloppy design work could signal to the buyer that your products may have the same poor quality.

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A great way to instantly build customer trust is to use the same brand patterns on your Storefront as you do elsewhere. The colors, font style and other design elements that you use on your Storefront should be identical to the ones used on your Amazon detail pages, your website and social media accounts. This creates a consistent shopping experience across platforms and gives buyers a consistent image of your brand.

It’s also important to write effective copy for your Store. Your copy should be concise and benefits-oriented.

A well-designed Amazon Storefront will help your brand build trust with shoppers and make more sales.

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