3 Simple Ways To Massively (And Quickly) Increase Your Business’ Appeal

Even the best-built businesses can feel like they are floundering sometimes, and when this happens, entrepreneurs need to know when and how to put their foot down to get back on track.

Boosting your overall appeal can be a lifesaver, but what creates appeal for a business can be difficult to pin down to any single metric. It’s not necessarily how many sales you make in a month or how many followers you have on social media, although these can be indicators. The appeal of your brand ultimately is a combination of all you do and what you present to your audience, the impression customers feel when they visit your website or store and how much it resonates and excites them to action.

If you feel like your brand isn’t getting the attention it needs to flourish, then it’s time to change the game in your favor and build up some intrigue and visibility.

1. Build a unique brand opportunity.

The best way to immediately increase your business’ appeal is to build it out in a way that separates it from the unremarkable pack. The amount of digital noise out there right now is staggering, and the only proven way to cut through it is to find your voice and amplify it through creative marketing means.

This change should affect all levels of your marketing, from the tone of your customer service messages to the copy of your product description pages. Consistency throughout shows your brand has an overarching direction and personality rather than a random assortment of templates.

Think of it as building rapport with your audience, like a conversation with a new contact, but one that takes place over weeks or even months. Once they get a sense of what your brand is and who is behind it, your audience will be far more likely to purchase what you produce.

“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person,” Jeff Bezos said in a 2014 interview with BusinessWeek. “You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.” Combining quality products, services and personalities requires vision and focus, but when done properly, brands attain something that will set them apart from competitors in the long run.

Imbue all your communication with a sense of character, one that is unique to your team and goals, and you’ll quickly see how audiences recognize and appreciate authenticity

2. Expand your language offerings.

A unique brand personality can certainly enhance your business’ appeal quickly, but another worthwhile move is considering new markets beyond your typical targets. As we live and work in a global market, all options are on the table in terms of potential customers, regardless of geographic location.

Appealing to them requires a little more finesse than reaching those close to home, and one of the best gestures a business can make is expanding its website’s language offerings. While English is spoken and understood around the world, most non-native speakers appreciate brands that make an effort to translate copy into their mother tongue. 

Diana Andronic is the co-founder and CEO of FunEasyLearn, a platform that makes learning foreign languages an entertaining and engaging experience. She says, “People appreciate brands that recognize and accommodate customers who speak a different language primarily, as it shows they are willing to learn and adapt as they grow. Audiences are more willing to reach out and take action if they understand your brand and feel that their outreach will be understood. Providing foreign customers with a positive experience is arguably more important than a local one, as their review and word of mouth can serve as a key that can unlock an entirely new market for a business. Kindling this kind of fire can quickly lead to a significant boost, and it all starts with just learning a little more about their language.”

3. Create an effective customer profile system.

These days, the strategy of sending every marketing outreach to your entire audience isn’t effective, and can in truth work against your brand in the long run. It’s inherently impersonal, and as a business grows it is best to start noticing and categorizing your audience so you can serve them more specialized content.

Segmented custom profile systems are the way of the future, as they offer a more precise and nuanced way to market. Pivoting your marketing strategy in this way is like the difference between a generic shirt and a tailored one — the latter fits, feels and looks better.

The simple way to start is by digging into the data behind your sales. Everything from age, location and hobbies can be categorized, and you’ll likely start to see trends and common threads.

The recurring types of customers you see can be built out into profiles, and once you know the desires and concerns of key demographics, you can then appeal to them in a more nuanced manner. When you design items for marketing, they can be specifically geared towards resonating with one segment of the audience while the others receive something else. These specialized efforts lead to more sales and the sentiment that your brand truly gets them.

Entrepreneurs must always be polishing and providing new ways to increase their brand appeal. Cultivating this ultimately requires a deeper level of understanding of your audience than ever before. Once internalized, these insights can lead to giant gains that will keep the brand relevant and top of mind for years to come.

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