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10 Authors That Will Make You Rethink Small Decisions

We all make seemingly unimportant choices everyday: Whether or not we check emails before breakfast. The commute we take so we can swing by a favorite coffee shop. Ditching a 5:00 p.m. online meeting to leave the office early and avoid Zoom fatigue.

Most of our decisions won’t be life changing. Yet others could have unexpected impacts. The secret is knowing which small things to sweat—and manage. That’s where experts who have been-there, done-that can help.

When you’re ready to be more pragmatic about when to zig versus zag, check out these authors’ works. They’re reminders that sometimes, all those little things do matter.

1. Scott Jarred – FutureHack!

Forget seeing money as scarce or finite. To finance wizard Scott Jarred, the key to building wealth is by adopting an “abundance” mindset. That is, there’s enough to go around and fill your coffers no matter your background. In FutureHack!, Jarred lays out a 10-step process to get your life headed in the right financial direction. Prepare to turn on your world-class saver instincts and beat those haters at their own games. As you adapt and evolve, you’ll realize that your money dreams aren’t as elusive as you were taught to believe.

2. Leon Ho – The Full Life Framework

More than 15 years ago, Leon Ho lived a “scratch and claw” existence trying to keep his “Lifehack” blog afloat. It wasn’t simple, but it taught him valuable lessons. Fast forward to 2021 and Ho has helped millions of readers, as well as made it through the toughest entrepreneurial years. The Full Life Framework serves as a guide for visionaries trying to realize their passions amid the naturally chaotic startup life. Get ready to learn the five principles he credits for helping him gain and keep balance without compromising your integrity, beliefs, or objectives.

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3. Miriam Steketee – The Secrets of Dating Your Business

Courtship isn’t limited to interpersonal relationships. As former corporate climber Miriam Steketee explains in The Secrets of Dating Your Business, achieving true success requires a commitment to stop swiping left on networking opportunities—or ghosting people who can help you meet your objectives. Steketee lays out the necessary rules for making today’s personal introductions turn into tomorrow’s big wins. If success seems elusive, you may just need to redefine the way you approach your upcoming interactions.

4. Kevin McCarney – Big Brain Little Brain

We’ve all seen the public relations disasters that can arise from a misguided or poorly worded text, tweet, or video rant. Yet it can be tough to say and do the right thing, especially when you’re burning the candle at both ends. Big Brain Little Brain will help you learn how to use language as an asset, not a liability. Entrepreneur and speaker Kevin McCarney removes all the barriers to communicating with ease by showing you how to avoid the 14 traps your Little Brain sets. End the smallest verbal gaffes that could hamper your progress (or hurt your brand) with McCarney’s assistance.

5. Jeb Dunkelberger – Rich & Dying

Healthcare in America hasn’t earned the best reputation, especially in recent years. As one of the youngest CEOs in the industry, Jeb Dunkelberger has written Rich & Dying to show that fixing the system isn’t impossible. Dunkelberger argues that solutions are possible but need to be explored soon to avoid further breakage. Even if you aren’t working in healthcare, you can start putting your money, votes, and voice toward meaningful change. This powerful book offers hope backed by sound advice and innovative processes that can move the healthcare needle in essential ways.

6. Shinobu Hindert- Investing Is Your Superpower

Does the mere thought of investing leave you petrified? Do you get nervous talking shop about stocks? Managing your own robust portfolio is far easier than you think, says Investing Is Your Superpower author Shinobu Hindert. After spending half of her career managing in the high-profile world of Fortune 500 wealth management, Hindert is primed to share her secrets with the world. Though geared toward empowering female readers, Investing teaches the ins and outs of becoming a money expert to all. Overcome your worst spending habits and put your wealth goals on autopilot. Future you will appreciate your diligence.

7. Rolly Keenan, Mike Geller, and Brandi Starr – CMO to CRO

Straight from Tegrita’s top leadership team comes CMO to CRO, a book that argues for customer experience above all else. Throughout their business experiences, Rolly Keenan, Mike Geller, and Brandi Starr have seen how keeping a client-facing mindset translates to unfettered revenue streams. Allow them to walk you through strategies to reduce siloed team behavior and leverage the power of people-to-people relationships. Stop expecting miracles from your tech stack and earn more by getting back to basics by implementing kick-in-the-pants epiphanies discussed in CMO to CRO.

8. Eric Pilon-Bignell – Surfing Rogue Waves

Disruption. It’s coming to every field, and it’s coming faster than ever. Each year, even minor advancements can lead to major impacts in the way we work and play. In Surfing Rogue Waves, Eric Pilon-Bignell likens new innovations to ocean waves. Rather than getting overtaken by them, Pilon-Bignell walks readers through ways to “surf” everything from ripples to tsunamis. You may be closer to unleashing a genius idea than you imagined. You just have to understand how to “go rogue,” ride the waves, and potentially shape humanity with your inspiration.

9. David Meyer – The Investor Protector

For David Meyer, money fraud is an all-too-familiar phenomenon. As a lawyer for clients who’ve been victimized financially, Meyer penned The Investor Protector to help readers avoid losing it all by trusting the wrong people. Spend time poring over his lifetime of stories and use those examples to guide your own financial advisor decisions. Discover how to back your gut instincts with evidence before giving anyone the keys to managing your money. You’ll sleep better at night armed with the knowledge in this well-timed work.

10. Marin Katusa – The Rise of America

Is the American Dream at risk? According to politicians and pundits, a fiscal crisis is just around the corner. NYT bestselling author Marin Katusa doesn’t agree. Katusa’s The Rise of America points out factors that indicate the dollar is on the upswing, not a downslide. He relies on proprietary research to cut through the “doom and gloom” mentality and highlight the brightness of America’s path forward. If you’ve hesitated to launch a business or make a career move out of fear, this is the book you need to take those first steps.

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Will your next micro-moves end up becoming pivotal moments in your life’s journey? Don’t leave your future to chance. Hunker down with some good reads this month and set your GPS to success.

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